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Sunbank has developed backshells for ALL cylindrical, MIL-SPEC connectors that will not loosen, even in the most dynamic vibration environments! Imagine the cost savings you will realize not having to use locking compounds, adhesives, lockwire, etc. Truly, this is a “Set and Forget” system! Tested and Qualified for use by the Military and Major OEM’s, world wide.

Popular Self-Sealing Products:

Band Adapter Products
Shrink Boot Adapter
Strain Relief Adapter
Adapter Extender Products
Non-Environmental Adapter Products
Environmental Adapter Products
EMI/RFI Adapter Products
EMI/RFI Envinronmental Products
EMI/RFI Spring Adapter Products
Shorting Can Adapter Products
Pipe Thread Adapter Products
Lamp Base Adapter Products
Commercial Conduit Product Adapters
Accessory Hardware Products