As one of the largest Esterline business units, Souriau is a leading manufacturer of harsh environment connectors for the military, aerospace and industrial markets.  Their interconnect technologies support applications from deep sea to deep space. For more details visit Souriau’s website or contact one of thier distributors immediate requirements.

Mil-DTL-38999 Series I, II and III:

Stainless Steel
Space Grade
Marine (Navy Brass)

Mil-DTL-38999 Derivatives:

Micro38999 – Shell sizes 3, 5 and 7

Power38999 – Multiple contacts with mixed signal and power available

HighPower38999 – Single Pole

Mil-DTL-38999 Qualified Zinc Nickel – Cad Free RoHS Connectors

High Density 38999 connectors

Quadrax connectors and cable assemblies

Lanyard release / Mil-Std-1760 interface

Push – Pull / Quick Release

Resin filled hermetic (light weight)

Glass filled hermetic

RJ45 / USB

Elio Fiber Optic

Filter connectors

Board mounting



ARINC 600 – Catalog