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Radioactive decay of titanium powers supernova remnant

The first direct detection of radioactive titanium associated with supernova remnant 1987A has been made by ESA’s Integral space observatory. The radioactive decay has likely been powering the glowing remnant around the exploded star for the last 20 years. Stars are like nuclear furnaces, continuously fusing hydrogen into helium in their cores. When stars gre…

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Rheinmetall at Land Warfare Conference

Australia is one of the most important powers in the Asia-Pacific region. The Land Warfare Conference (LWC) 2012 offers an impressive overview of the latest developments in wheeled and tracked vehicles, weapons, ammunition, command and control technology, force protection systems, sensors and much more. Rheinmetall, one of the world’s leading suppliers of defence…

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Raytheon awarded $45 M MK 54 torpedo contract

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has been awarded a $45.3 million U.S. Navy contract to provide MK 54 lightweight torpedo hardware, test equipment, spares and related engineering and repair services for U.S. fleet inventory and in support of foreign military sales to the Royal Australian Navy and the Indian Navy. The award represents an exercised option of a current Navy co…

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